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Apache and PHP-FPM

I'm using centos 7 standard httpd installation. I have it set up to use PHP-FPM.

Dokuwiki requires PHP 7.1 or later to run. Semantic Scuttle requires PHP 5.6. I have both versions running: PHP-FPM 7.2 on port 9072 and PHP-FPM 5.6 on port 9056. Their configuration files are located in /etc/opt/remi. The services are started with:

sudo systemctl start php56-php-fpm
sudo systemctl start php72-php-fpm

My PHP versions are from the Remi Repository. Check out this page about how Remi runs mutiple versions of PHP on the same box. I followed his formula on bog.

You have to use the naming convention of the Remi repository to add extras. For instance, to install php-mysql you would preface that package name with php56- or php72-:

 sudo yum install php56-php-mysql php72-php-mysql 
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